Atari already focused on digital distribution

A portion of a GameDaily interview with Atari CEO Jim Wilson…

BIZ: You’re bringing N+ to the DS and PSP, but the Q1 revenue breakdown was heavily slanted towards PS3 and 360. Is Atari looking to do more on portables and on Wii?

JW: Yes. At E3, we showed N+, a Jamie Oliver What’s Cooking? title for the DS, the Backyard Sports franchise for the DS… There’s certainly more that you’ll see announced this year that will come out for the DS and PSP. Certainly on the Wii, we have opportunities that we’ll be announcing also. Obviously, Backyard Sports on the Wii has done very well for us and will continue to be part of our franchise strategy there. So yes, you’ll be seeing more on those platforms from us.

BIZ: Is there a certain percentage that you’re targeting for how to balance the portfolio, like 50% on Wii or something?

JW: We’re not exactly setting those types of goals for ourselves. We look at the franchises we think are important to us and we evaluate those franchises for the platform that it makes the most sense on, the audience we’re looking to [target]. As a franchise company, we look at what platforms make the most sense. We definitely look at the platform lifecycles and pricing in the market. We do a careful analysis of the platforms, but at the same time, as a franchise owner, we are focused on the platforms that make the most sense for our titles.

BIZ: Is there any thinking of getting more into digital distribution on XBLA, PSN, WiiWare or leveraging your own Atari classics with a PC portal?

: We already are in the business of digital distribution, but on the Atari website, which will be updated, it will be more readily seen and readily available. We are involved in a number of digital distribution initiatives, whether it’s powered by Digital River or other companies that we’re working with. It’s definitely a stronger focus for us in the future, and that’s something from a portfolio perspective that we’re much more focused on going forward. We are doing products on XBL already and we will continue to focus on building that business as well as PSN and the WiiWare business.

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