Monday, July 14, 2008

PSP Go!View Service Launches in the U.K. and Ireland

The PSP's video-on-demand service is now available in U.K. and Ireland thanks to SCEE and Sky. The service features top content from distributors like ESPN, BBC Worldwide, and National Geographic.

PSP Go!View Service Launches in the U.K. and Ireland

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) and Sky today announced that the PSP video-on-demand service, Go!View, has gone live in the U.K. and Ireland. This means that PSP users can download video content from distributors like ESPN, BBC Worldwide, Sony Pictures Television International, and National Geographic straight from their PC to their PSP. There are comedy, sport and entertainment packs that can be tried out free for a month and subscribed to for 7 euro ($11) for one pack, 11 euro ($17.50) for two packs and 14 euro ($22.25) for three packs, with TV and movie rentals available for 2 euro ($3.20) and 3.20 euro ($5), respectively.

"We are working with our content providers to secure a quality range of programming and ensure that PSP owners are getting the best possible service on-the-go and on-demand," said Alison Turner, General Manager, Go!View Entertainment U.K. via GameDaily

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