NHN Bringing ijji Gaming Cards to 7-Eleven

There are almost certainly many customers of NHN USA's www.ijji.com that don't have access to credit cards, so it's good of them to offer things like pre-paid game cards available at 7-Eleven stores.

NHN Bringing ijji Gaming Cards to 7-Eleven

Today, NHN USA and InComm today announced that they will be offering pre-paid game cards for ijji.com. The game cards will retail for $10 and $25 and be available at 7-Eleven stores nationwide. Players simply scratch off the PIN number on the back of the card to redeem it for G Coins at www.ijji.com.

"A number of online gamers who don't have credit cards want to enhance their free gaming experiences with our optional micro-currency, or they want to give pre-paid game cards to a friend or family member as a nice gift," said Sunny Kim, vice president, NHN USA. "Pre-paid game cards provide customers with flexible payment options. Thanks to our partnership with InComm, we now have ijji.com game cards available nationwide at 7-Eleven stores to ensure that everyone can enjoy the complete entertainment experience of our games."

"NHN USA's ijji.com portal is a much welcomed addition to our pre-paid game card portfolio," said David Etling, Senior Director, InComm. "ijji.com is one of the most dynamic gaming portals in North America and its gamers will be thrilled with all the new flexibility and offerings this partnership will bring them."

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