Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Microtransactions Hit 7-Eleven

ImageGamers can now buy from 7-Eleven pre-paid game cards for microtransaction-supported online portal ijji.com.7-Eleven isn't exactly known as a purveyor of interactive entertainment, but a rep for ijji.com parent NHN USA told Next-Gen that the company couldn't overlook the reach of 7,500 North American stores.

The rep said in an e-mail, "NHN USA went with 7-Eleven for sheer market reach and ease of availability for ijji.com members."

At 7-Eleven stores nationwide, customers can now purchase $10 or $25 pre-paid game cards that can be used online to purchase virtual items for games on ijji.com.

New game cards will have an added bonus of five "G-coins" for a $10 card purchase and 10 G-coins for a $25 purchase.

"7-Eleven stores are literally everywhere across the country, and they are frequented by a large number of consumers that are in the demographic for ijji.com, such as college students (and PR guys who stop by 7-Eleven almost daily to get a Super Big Gulp on their way to the office)."

ijji.com said that pre-paid game cards help customers without credit cards spend money on virtual items. Buyers scratch off the pin number on the back of a game card and redeem the virtual cash at ijji.com.

The rep added that Target also carries ijji.com game cards. The game card deal is possible through a partnership with pre-paid card company Incomm.
via NextGen

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