Electronic distribution of retail games hits prime time!

And so it begins...

People have long talked about the day when we would just be able to buy a retail-level game and be able to download it right then and there. And for the past two years, Stardock has allowed its customers to purchase and download Stardock's retail titles via Drengin.net. But the challenge was how to expand those titles beyond the Stardock titles? How to convince independent developers and publishers to put their titles for available on-line -- especially since revenue, at the start, will be relatively small.

There is still a real concern in the PC game industry over piracy. I've written before that I believe piracy is overstated. And that was on new titles. On electronic distribution, your target audience has plenty of opportunity to pirate long before they've logged onto your service. So our view has been to try to make it as easy and convenient as possible for them to legally purchase the games.

And hence, we now have TotalGaming.net!

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