What Is Impulse?

Impulse is Stardock’s new state of the art digital distribution platform. Impulse allows users to quickly and easily find their favorite game or software and download it automatically to their PC as well as get the most out of their existing games and software.
What makes Impulse so great?
Impulse has multiple features that makes it one of the best digital distribution platforms around. Some of these great features include:
Doesn’t need to be on-line to play single player games.
Supports all types of PC software (games, applications, utilities, etc.).
Hundreds of games, applications, utilities, themes, and more available to purchase or free download.
Includes the Impulse dock which lets users organize all their programs and data together regardless of where it came from.
Next-generation community features integrated in. Make friends and play games together on-line, start a blog, chat, and more.
Delivers a next generation virtual platform that developers can freely use to add exciting new features to their games and apps.

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