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Mac gets some love!

Ever wanted to download that favorite game but unfortunately don't have an option available with your Mac? Well, maybe now you do.

TORONTO – June 10, 2008—TransGaming Inc. (TSX-V: TNG), announces the launch of GameTree Online, the company’s digital distribution portal for Mac video games providing consumers worldwide with the ability to purchase and download game titles from leading publishers, plus obtain game news, participate in promotional opportunities, and write game reviews. GameTree Online titles will be sold in a manner that is consistent with the traditional retail business model, offering TransGaming a percentage of each unit sold. The games portal will continually add new titles from leading publishers and developers, presenting Mac consumers with a mix of strategy, action, sports, and family games.

Consumer access to video games through Internet download services has become a very popular strategy for both Windows-PC and console games in recent years. GameTree Online will now enable the Mac gaming community with comparable services, focusing on Mac games selection and global consumer access. The Mac user community has the highest broadband utilization of any desktop computer demographic, making the launch of GameTree Online a timely and logical step in the evolution of serving the Mac community.

GameTree Online will complement TransGaming’s Cider Portability business, which provides publishers and developers a turn-key solution to enable games for the Mac. TransGaming enabled over a dozen top-tier game titles for the Mac in 2007, and is continuing to grow the Mac games market. The opportunity to supplement the traditional retail distribution model through GameTree Online will broaden the accessibility of Mac games and will encourage more publishers and developers to publish titles for Mac. Positioning TransGaming to benefit from both the enablement of Mac games and their consumer retail success, GameTree Online will deliver a first-to-market business opportunity that is both scalable and global.

"Our GameTree Online launch marks the new age of Mac gaming around the world, and will make it easier then ever for Mac consumers to enjoy the games they love. We are expanding our current relationships with leading publishers and developers beyond Mac enablement, with our Cider Portability Engine, to offer our partners a global distribution strategy that meets the rapidly expanding consumer demand. This allows greater revenue generation opportunities for all parties,” commented Vikas Gupta, CEO & President of TransGaming Technologies. “Cider has quickly become the industry standard for Mac gaming and with GameTree Online we plan to release new titles regularly and establish our position as the leaders in Mac games digital distribution,"

In addition to offering global distribution for new game releases, GameTree Online will offer publishers and developers a cost-effective channel to distribute their back catalogue of games. Titles never released for Mac before can now be Ciderized and digitally distributed on GameTree Online. TransGaming will also enter into digital distribution agreements with publishers and developers owning popular Mac titles only available in select countries through traditional brick’n’mortar retail, thereby expanding the reach for publishers and developers while broadening the selection of games for the Mac community.

For more information, please visit Transgaming.

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