MeDeploy Launches Private Beta of its Pay-Video Distribution Platform

New Haven, Connecticut (June 4, 2008) - MeDeploy, an all-inclusive media distribution platform, is now accepting applications to join their private beta via their website,, through July 30. MeDeploy puts the power of instant, global media e-commerce and digital distribution into the hands of all video content holders. MeDeploy's unique revenue-share model enables content holders of all sizes to build their digital video distribution business with a platform that scales as business grows -- without risk or the exorbitant costs usually associated with launching a digital media business. Large and small, major or independent, MeDeploy enables anyone to distribute download-to-own and digital-rental content across every point on the net, including websites, web and mobile applications, blogs and social networks.

"MeDeploy is the first platform of its kind to address the needs of large-scale distributors as well as smaller indie film distributors and filmmakers," says Christian Taylor, CEO and co-founder. "We set out to develop a completely customizable digital distribution solution that works for everyone."

MeDeploy makes building a digital media business easy. MeDeploy’s complete solution includes everything: media transcoding, content management, secure media delivery, anti-piracy tools, secure e-commerce, credit card processing and more.

Not a typical template application, MeDeploy’s powerful yet easy-to-use API allows the complete e-commerce and distribution system to be integrated directly into any web presence, and custom applications allow full control over design and function. MeDeploy's engine automates everything behind the scenes. MeDeploy's API can be used to build a standalone retail presence online, as well as video distribution applications for Facebook, MySpace and just about any networked mobile device.

MeDeploy co-founders Joelle Musante and Christian Taylor , knew there was a better way for distributors and filmmakers to deliver content to consumers. And “if the mountain won’t go to Mohammed," as the saying goes, "then Mohammed must go to the mountain.” Starting August 1, MeDeploy will bring distributors to consumers.

About MeDeploy
A privately held company based out of New Haven, Connecticut, MeDeploy develops technologies and solutions for digital media delivery and e-commerce. via streamingmedia

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