Tuesday, June 24, 2008

ABC & Veoh move towards Web syndication

The Alphabet is slowly warming up to Web syndication.

ABC on Monday granted a second outside portal access to its skeins for streaming, albeit on a more restrictive basis than some of its rivals.

Under the Alphabet's deal with Veoh.com, all skeins will stream for free through ABC's broadband player, which does not allow users to skip commercials. Veoh will get paid for traffic it directs to the ad-supported shows in an arrangement similar to the one ABC has with AOL, the one other outside portal with an ABC streaming deal.

By comparison, Hulu, a digital distribution platform backed by Fox and NBC, gives partner sites a cut of the ad revenue.

CBS has also proved more open to syndicating its skeins online; Eye skeins can be streamed on more than a dozen sites.

Matt Murphy, senior VP of digital video distribution for Disney and ESPN Media Networks, touted the pact as a way to expand distribution while growing its advertisers' reach.

There has been a growing shift toward syndication online as companies seek more ways to wring coin out of content. Content providers that once tried to draw visitors to sites with exclusive programming are trying to disseminate it wherever viewers congregate online.

Warner Bros. Television Group, for example, has embraced a syndication strategy for its two new distribution platforms, TheWB.com and KidsWB.com. Last week, WBTV unveiled a series of distribution partners for the ad-supported ventures. Dailymotion, Joost, Sling Media, TiVo and Veoh will launch channels with the new broadband offerings in mid-September. Sister Time Warner division AOL previously agreed to feature the channels. via Variety

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