Id Software drops out of ESA

GamePolitics is reporting that id Software – which recently confirmed that Doom 4 is in the works – has chosen not to renew its membership with the Electronic Software Association, joining a growing list of recent departures that includes major game companies such as Activision, Vivendi and LucasArts.

There’s no clear indication as to why these companies are leaving the ESA, which serves as the umbrella organization for the game industry putting on the annual E3 conference, but it is rumored that it is the current ESA president, Mike Gallagher’s lack of leadership that has caused many of these companies to abandon the association.

E3 has long been the single biggest gaming event and conference in the world, but has been losing steam in recent years following its decision to stop accepting public attendees to become more of an invite-only show. Now, with a growing number of big names dropping out of E3 and ESA, one can only wonder what this year’s show will look like. via techspot

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