THQ Blocks Their Games From ANZ Steam Users

After a rocky start with the launch of Half-Life 2, Steam has matured from a slow piece of crap to the premiere online distribution service on the Internet. From Ubisoft to id Software, everyone wants to share in the potential of Valve's hard work (and tears, I'd imagine).

THQ recently joined the party, only to quickly deny Australian and Kiwi users the ability to purchase and download their games. If you check out the Steam knowledge base, you'll find the following statement attached to all of THQ's games, including Company of Heroes, Dawn of War and Full Spectrum Warrior:

"This game is not available for purchase through Steam in Australia or New Zealand."
Feel free to speculate as to the reasons behind THQ's decision while we chase an official answer, but for now, Oz Kotakuite Ross, who sent in the heads-up, has his own theory:
"In what I can only assume is a move by these publishers to ensure that AU/NZ consumers have to resort to retail given the favourable exchange rate between the US and AU dollar."
Does that sound like a winner to you?

Steam Error: This subscription is not available for purchase in your country [Steam Powered, thanks Ross]

via Kotaku

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