Tuesday, March 11, 2008

PPM enables Single View of Product Data

A new Gartner report is suggesting how Product Performance Management (PPM) can help organizations achieve single view of product data. Gartner describes "PPM as the use of processes, methodologies, metrics and technologies to manage, report and influence product performance across the value chain. This approach embeds analytic-based insight into the decision-taking business processes at the intersection of supply chain design, configuration, optimization, strategy and operational management." PPM needs to be applied at multiple places across the complete supply chain (across departments, firewalls, company boundaries). It also needs centrally aligned governance of product master data via Master Data Management (MDM).

Read the whole report here, "Single View of Product Data Can Improve Supply Chain and Drive Product Performance Management" (Registration required).

Jason Kiwaluk

Mower & Shoveller,

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