Grand Theft Auto IV Soundtrack on Amazon (XB360)

ndividual songs from GTA IV's soundtrack will be available for purchase on's digital music service.

Posted by Antony Bruno, Billboard on Monday, March 31, 2008

Amazon is lending its digital music service as a special feature for the much-anticipated upcoming videogame Grand Theft Auto IV, allowing gamers to download music discovered via the game's soundtrack.

The game features a soundtrack of over 150 songs, most of which are streamed through the radio stations of various cars that the playable character can steal and drive around the city while conducting missions. Players can tag songs heard using an in-game mobile phone interface and dialing ZiT-555-0100. Players then will get a message via the in-game phone with the artist's name, song name, etc.

Gamers who are registered with the pending Rockstar Games Social Club online community will also get an e-mail with a link to a special Grand Theft Auto section at Amazon. Each registered player will there find a custom playlist of all the songs tagged in the game, which they can then buy for between 89- and 99-cents.

The track sales model is similar to that of music games Rock Band and Guitar Hero in that it allows for discovery and purchase from within the game. But it differs significantly in that the music purchased from Grant Theft Auto can be played on other devices. Music purchased from Rock Band and Guitar Hero can only be played from within the respective game.

Rockstar has yet to release the full soundtrack list, but offered a sneak peek by saying it would include both rare tracks -- such as Electric Funk's "On a Journey" and Elton John's "Street Kids" -- to more mainstream fare.

Additionally, several artists have created new songs exclusive to the game, such as the Greenskeepers' "Vagabond (Liberty City Mix)" and "War is Necessary" by Nas. DJ Green Lantern even has an entire radio station to himself on which he's written and produced all the tracks.

Grand Theft Auto IV is scheduled to hit retail shelves April 29.

Courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter & gamedaily

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