Best Buy Still Using Secret In-Store Website With Higher Pricing [Update]

Even after being slapped in the face with a suit by a Connecticut attorney general, Best Buy is still having an internal website that offers higher prices than the actual The only thing Best Buy promised to do is place a notice on the website to indicate that these are in-store prices, which may not be the same as the prices seen online. The point? Bring a printout or a browser-capable cellphone (don't use their Wi-Fi) so you can show employees the price you saw online, which they're supposed to honor. [Consumerist]

Update: A Best Buy employee sheds light on why this is happening:

Our tipster says that the site is used to give employees "a place where they can order large purchases that are shipped to home and the sale shows up on the store's sales report." It's also used to honor in store only prices, and will let them ship stuff to customers without a raincheck.

However, the stores aren't obligated to match the online prices, because different regions have different pricing structures, whereas their website has one price for everyone. The only time they have to honor prices, he claims, is if it's in the weekly circular ad.

Thanks tipster!

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