Simpsonize Your Digital Photos

Burger King Corp. promotes The Simpsons Movie, converts digital photos into Simpson-like characters Picture

Burger King Holdings, Inc., Miami, Fla., announces, an interactive website that converts digital photos of participants into personalized, Simpsonized versions of themselves, says the company. The website is aimed at promoting "The Simpsons Movie," the feature film based on the television series. Twentieth Century Fox, Beverly Hills, Calif., releases "The Simpsons Movie" July 27.

After uploading a photo and "going yellow," website users can personalize their look even more by choosing from hundreds of hairstyles, body types, outfits, and accessories. When finished, users can create screensavers and wall paper designs with their new look or e-mail to friends. also features "The Simpsons Movie" trailers, a Burger King restaurant locator, ads and an online store where visitors can apply their Simpsonized photos to t-shirts, mugs, hats, aprons, and photo sculptures.

Burger King Corp. will also sponsor a traveling Simpsonizer throughout July and August, giving consumers a chance to step inside a photo booth and instantly become Simpsonized. Participants will have the option to immediately print their transformed photo, send it as an e-card or send it to a mobile phone.

SOURCE: PMA Newsline International

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